CCH Radiology Team

Your provider may order a radiology exam as part of your care. We accept signed orders from all providers. These exams help in the diagnosis and treatment of your symptoms or injury. Compassionate and qualified technologists are available 24/7 to obtain high quality images and to keep you comfortable while providing exceptional care.

Digital images are sent electronically to be interpreted by board-certified radiologists at Radiology Consultants of Iowa (RCI) in Cedar Rapids. After interpreting the exam, a report will be sent to your provider who ordered the test. Your provider will then share the results with you.

Central Community Hospital Radiology Department offers:

Some radiology procedures require special patient preparation. This may include lab testing, fasting, etc. If your procedure requires you to have some type of preparation, your provider’s office or CCH Radiology staff will discuss it with you prior to your exam. In certain instances, you may be required to sign consent forms for your imaging procedures.

For more information or to schedule an exam contact the radiology department at 563-245-7037