Emergency Services


Dr. Lawlor and Alyssa Cram, NP

Emergency care at CCH is provided 24 hours a day by physicians, nurse practitioners and registered nurses who are specially trained in advanced cardiac life support and trauma care. Patients of all ages are seen and treated. Patients with critical illnesses who need specialized treatment can be stabilized and transferred via ambulance or air care  to a larger medical center.

Central Community Hospital has added Avera eEmergency services which will provide extra support to Central Community Hospital clinicians when needed. At the push of a button, local physicians, nurses and emergency room staff have immediate, virtual access to a team of physicians and nurses who specialize in emergency medicine.

eEmergency supports patient care in several ways:

• Access to board-certified emergency physicians 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
• Connects rural communities to highly trained specialists
• Activation of emergency transport teams as early as possible
• Additional support during multiple emergencies
• Fewer transfers so patients can stay close to home
• Collaborative approach allows local caregivers to focus exclusively on patient care

A monitor in the ER allows the CCH staff to see the eEmergency support staff of physicians and nurses they are speaking too. The camera allows the eEmergency physicians and nurses to see the patient.

“Avera eEmergency gives us the ability to extend and enhance the level of health care in our community,” said Brooke Kensinger, CEO. “It gives us access to specialists that are able to assist at any time that enable us to deliver better care, right here in our community, and keep patients here whenever possible.”